Why Would Anybody Want
To Read My Book?

Book 1

Is it an exciting novel? Is it instructional? Is it about self-improvement? Is it a great cookbook? Is it about romance & lust? Is it about horror & crime? Am I a famous selling author? Am I a celebrity? It is none of these things. What it is, is an autobiography about me. It is an expose', it is truthful & factual. It is my life story, the good, bad & ugly. It is also very funny. Who else would lose the end of a stethoscope under a woman's pendulous breast, or fall in wet concrete head to toe? Or, chase large bullfrogs through a hotel lobby. Or, being exposed to bestiality in Mexico at the tender age of 15. Or popping a cork on my wedding night. Or taking tap dancing & ballroom dancing at the ripe old age of 13 with 12 girls? I think it is an interesting, exciting funny book. My life is now an OPEN book. I highly recommend reading it & if you enjoy it, look for my next book re-living my travels & celebrity encounters & much more. For me, this has been an enlightening experience.

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