Why Would Anybody Want
To Read Our Book?

Book 2

Is it an exciting novel? Is it instructional? Is it about self-improvement? Is it a great cookbook? Is it about romance & lust? Is it about horror & crime? Are we celebrities or famous authors? It is none of these things. What it is, is an autobiography about us. It is an expose' that is truthful & factual. It is our life story - the good, the bad & the ugly. It is also very funny. In this second edition of my book, my wife & I will explore our lives together after serving in the United States Air Force. It is now ALL ABOUT US moving forward to Fort Myers, Florida, where I established my medical practice opening up three offices over a two-month period in Fort Myers, Naples & in Cape Coral, Florida. It includes office-related trials & tribulations. It also includes fifty-eight celebrity encounters & more than forty-nine transportation experiences as well as visits to domestic and Canadian National Parks. Our lives are now an OPEN book! I highly recommend reading it, & if you enjoy it then look for my first book titled READ MY BOOK. Soon to follow is our third book, continuing our travels on cruises & domestic/ international ventures. For us, this has been an enjoyable & memorable experience!

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